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One solution to all your plumbing problems, Ameri-Cal Repipe and Plumbing. It’s a completerepipe orange county family owned and operated business. We have provided services to the best of our ability to our customers. And when we say our ability, it means our experience of 17 years, knowledge of this field, highly skilled and dedicated staff members, latest tools and instruments of the plumbing industry and advanced methodology. When all these things combine, the result is best in class services. With each project done and each satisfied client we reach to new heights. We have grown bigger and better in all the aspects since our inception. But one thing remained same and that is our price range. As a registered company we always charge genuine price for our services. People we served know that we offer best quality service at cheap price.

Just like every other business, we were also small in the beginning, started from scratch but as time passed we built our service list. Now our wide variety of services include copper and pex repiping, slab leak repair, drain cleaning, water heater installation and repair (both tankless and standard types), installation, repair and replacement of faucets, garbage disposals, gas line, toilets, water softeners, shower tub and trenchless sewer line replacement.

repipe los angelesYour plumbing problems and their reasons could be any, but the solution should always come from a reliable source and when it comes down to find one in plumbing industry, there’s nobody better than Ameri-Cal Repipe and Plumbing. We have the maximum number of satisfied clients in the business. We don’t treat our clients like business minded people do who just want to have profit. As said earlier, we a family owned and operated business. We understand the need of the customers and work like we are working in our own home. Cleanliness of the workplace, on-time and efficient work at genuine price are the high points of our services.

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